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Our team of experienced experts source hi technology and efficient products that ensure optimum performance and easy installation of Potable Dehumidifier. While installing the dehumidifiers, the engineers check on the moisture load, temperature and climatic condition of the surrounding ambiance and make arrangements for easy disposal of condensate water.

Our range of dehumidifiers and humidity control appliances are sourced from leading brands of the industry. Also, we undertake Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for Moisture Control Appliances and industrial dehumidifiers, offering cost-effective support for the replacement of imported components. Therefore, we provide better service along with quality products, which is the major reason of our consistent growth and enviable success in the market.

Origin De-Humidifiers is offering best-quality Potable Dehumidifier. With an aim to make a commendable position in the market, we embarked on this journey backed by years of domain experience. With strict quality control policy and reliable associates, we are reckoned among the most reputed Industrial Dehumidifier importers in Mumbai. Our manufacturing partners fabricate our range of Potable Dehumidifier using high quality components such as compressor and evaporator, condenser and propeller fans as per the national and international manufacturing practices and quality standards. The relentless and unperturbed efforts by our prolific team has enabled us to gain firm foothold in the market. Today, we serve some high profile clients in and around Mumbai. Our Industrial Dehumidifier are known for optimum moisture condensing and removal, ensuring high system performance.

Our Product Range

We deal in primarily two types of Dehumidifiers, which are enlisted in the table given below:

Aerial (AD) - Aerial Dehumidifires
Aerial (AD) 430 Aerial (AD) 580 Aerial (AD) 750
Aerial (AD) 770 Aerial (AD) 790
Novita (ND) - Novita Dehumidifires
Novita (ND) 280 Novita (ND) 290i Novita (ND) 316
Novita (ND) 320 Novita (ND) 322 Novita (ND) 390i
Novita (ND) 690

Our dehumidifiers comprises sensor that enables it gauge the humidity level and automatic shut-off enabling to control the reservoir overflow. The dehumidifiers also function as an air purifier in order to remove impurities present in the air. De-humidification system, engineered by us, filters pollutants present in the air, lowering down humidity to a comfortable level that results in fresh dry air. 

  • Best-in-the-class and impressive-in-the-design commercial dehumidifier.
  • Our Hospital Dehumidifiers are compact, safe and easy to operate, energy-efficient, simple yet robust in design. 
  • Our dehumidifier dispels excessive moisture from the air employing the refrigerating mechanism, is ideally fit for total humidity control

Bird's-eye View

Superfluous humidity in the ambiance is a matter of concern to various equipment and constituting material leading to rise in manufacturing costs, service and upkeep expenditure, product durability and energy cost.

To simplify your understanding on the humidity problems and their solutions, we have segregated information department according to kind of problems and glitches.

Glitches & Concerns

Most of the constituents and materials utilized in industry characterize some sort of hygroscopic properties, as they possess a natural inclination to attract and absorb moisture from the surrounding air. This multiplies moisture levels, thus placing important effects on many of their key properties.

  • Corrosion & Rust: The fusion of humidity with oxygen in the air causes metals to erode & corrode, considerably affecting both strength and durability. Rust on Iron and Steel and loss of structural integrity, copper is damaged by verdigris, impacting electronics and electrical equipment.
  • Mold & Rot: Wood, many building materials like cement, plaster, paints and other hygroscopic materials attract humidity. This can be susceptible to numerous types of mold and rot, harming both structural integrity, material properties and restoration costs.
  • Electrical & Electronics Problems: Humidity can corrode components and brazing, and can lead to fatal short-circuits , resulting in downtime and extra service costs.
  • Clumping & Blockages: Powders and granules are hygroscopic and highly sensitive to devastating effect caused by humidity. That can mar quality and inhibit processing equipment from operation, that becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Inconsistent Production: Variation in humidity owing to change in seasons, result in unstable production condition that can degrade product quality, increase energy consumption and reduce profit margins.
  • Condensation: The most of garages, warehouses and factories store a large range of components, equipment and materials at varying temperature. If the air with humidity gets in contact with metallic and wooden surface, leading to the production of condensation.
  • Wooden Furniture: If wooden furniture and its components face high humidity, it is subject to swell and warping, leading to shoddy workmanship, or being abandoned.
  • Musty Odor: High temperature and humidity are conducive to the growth of molds and mildew resulting in musty and malodorous odour. The cupboard, room and closet that lack ventilation are highly affected. 



We are running the business with the philosophy to serve and our well trained and qualified engineers are doing the same. They are all set to travel the extra mile just to keep you delighted, be it solving your problem post 6 pm or even on Sundays.

Our Mini Dehumidifier gives optimum performance to the clients for longer duration but in any case, if it malfunctions you can contact us and avail our repairing service.

Extended Warranty

Our clients are enjoying the uninterrupted and smooth operations of Mini Dehumidifier and to maintain the same for longer duration, we are providing extended product warranty.

When the individual purchase our Mini Dehumidifiers, they receive one year warranty of the product which can be extended upto 5 years thus, the user can get insurance against any kind of breakdown or damages.

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